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Tips on Surviving the MBA

It’s April and the next full-time MBA starts in a few short months. So for the new class, here are a few tips to help you prepare:

1. It helps (but is not absolutely necessary) to have a strategy in advance. Where do you plan to go after?

2. If you go into an MBA without a concrete career plan, which is fine, you should figure out what you want by halfway through the programme…or be a genius (a genius in the normal sense of the word as well as a genius at selling yourself and your resume).

3. It is difficult to change everything in your career at once (changing the industry, level of seniority and location is next to impossible, so don’t set goals that cannot be achieved).

*That being said, the Career Service team was really good, really cared and helped me in many ways!

4. Have an idea of how expensive it will be and make a financial plan. You begin your first lesson in International Finance by financing your degree in St.Gallen. Pay attention to the risks and benefits of leverage!

You can find out about my own experience during my time at the St.Gallen MBA by clicking here.