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Industry Insights

Spring is approaching and we are introducing our latest MBA innovation. The MBA programme is continually evolving to meet the changing demands of the employment market. As a result, this year we are introducing several new elements to the MBA, one being our ‘Industry Insights’ to launch next week.

As many of our alumni work in or retain a long-term association with Switzerland, the MBA is now offering two weeks of industry electives that focus on key Swiss industries that are delivered in cooperation with 12 (!) leading Swiss and international companies.

· Banking & Financial Services
· Manufacturing
· Luxury Goods
· Pharmaceuticals

The industry electives are a way for us to bring together our traditional strengths in the Swiss market by combining our strong industry networks with academic learning. The resulting modules are a mixture of specialist industry knowledge combined with live case studies from top companies. Each module is supported, and in many cases delivered, by guests from the supporting companies. These new electives are an excellent way for our partner companies to have first-hand access and interaction with those students who are interested in a specific industry.

So keep an eye open over the coming weeks for news and stories as we role out this exciting development!