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Best of the Alps

Before 2013, I was definitely 100% beach person. Sunshine and sands in south east Asia has been pampering me for the past 5 years while working and living in all-year-summer-Singapore. However, after wake-boarding, sailing, surfing, scuba-diving, yoga on the beach and holidays for nothing but just being on the sand across the region, it was time for some change.

 Check out Alp in Arlberg, Austria.

Two of our Swiss colleagues organized a skiing trip on the second weekend of Jan 2013. And here I am, in the middle of white fairy tale world with a group of my colleagues in HSG MBA class, and some of their partners/families.

And it is time to have some FUN. Here is our mansion, a cozy little pension apartment in the middle of the mountains. And as there are not so many girls except for the couples, I was assigned to be roommate with my favorite Spanish lady!

Since it was my first time in the Alps, skiing with the Swiss who all started their skiing journey since 4 years old was not an option on Sat. Therefore, I decided to take it slowly, wonder around with a family of colleagues, check out the village Lech, arrange the skiing courses, and relax.

In the evening when the skiing group came back from St. Anton, four of us are heading for some sleighing.

Here are our sleighing gang. (and this is the BEFORE picture, regarding the AFTER picture? not allowed to share…)

It was awesome to be a kid again… falling in the soft puffy snow powder, scream and cry. This is one of the best way to “switch off”. There is no work, boss, politics, there is no assignment, group work, presentation and exams. Just pure fun.

Last but not least, the real skiing group. (picture thank to Shira)


If you ask me what is the best of Alps? — the mountain, the snow, the beer,the snaps,the schnitzel and the HSG people!

Despite attending the part-time MBA, which means all of us meet officially once a month. 5 modules on the road, I have already feel like these are people I can truly trust and would like to hang out all the time. Can not wait to meet the bigger class group in Madrid!