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Lighting up the fire

There could be multiple books written about every class’s experiences and escapades and the memoirs would be as diverse as the students themselves. The MBA definitely tests your patience, presumptions, expectations and sanity, but every single one of us gains something truly special from this journey. Be it personal or professional transformation, it certainly happens, especially when you look back and reflect on what transpired and how your road has been altered during and post graduation.

We, the current full time MBA class, are still in the midst of our transformation and no one really knows how the rest of the year will ultimately play out. But we have our best dancing shoes on and are ready to hit the dance floor as soon as the music starts. And the greatest part is that the music never stops as there are always new initiatives and happenings, all playing at the same time, and many are organized by the students themselves. But this never-ending drive and positive energy keep us moving and motivated, all day, every day.

One such exciting initiative is the re-launch of the Women in Business Club. And no, we do not bake cookies and share the latest diet tips or gossip about Kate Middleton’s newest outfits. But we do connect strong and motivated women and we do light up the fire. We laugh, we share our personal and professional experiences, we give advice, we mentor and we listen. We encourage and become inspired, we motivate and we become enthusiastic, we support and we become reinforced, we lead and we become ambassadors. By uniting the women with different backgrounds, know-hows and skills, we hope to light up even more fires and find new inspirations.

Women in Business event, Nov. 2012