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Action-packed two months

Almost two full months have passed since our first day at MBA in St. Gallen. During these two months, we had several tests, presentations, and individual assignments one after another, which were for sure not easy, and I can’t believe two months out of the 12 months of the program have already gone. Time really flies! This means we also need to watch out for a job opportunity for post-MBA…

Last Friday, we had Credit Suisse Private Banking Round Table with a head of MBA recruiting team of the company. Its 3 year MBA Associate Program offers structural trainings and career paths to become successful relationship managers. It was very nice to know the company’s new private banking business model and the enthusiasm for people. He told us that the private banking business is a focused area in the company right now and they are looking to recruit talented people from an MBA across the globe. I imagine how dynamic the business is, since Credit Suisse can offer not only PB products, but also products from other divisions in order to fully accommodate client’s needs. I used to be in a relationship management role in another bank, but we didn’t have such a broad range of products, which sometimes could be frustrating while trying to build a long-term relationship with a client. The following Monday, an alumna from the MBA, who works as an Investment Consultant in Credit Suisse Private Banking, also visited to have a talk with us. It was a rather casual meeting, where she answered all our questions about what it’s like to work there. Overall, I got a very positive impression from the company that it has a big commitment to grow the private banking business and to invest in people.

What I like about the St. Gallen MBA is that you get so many opportunities to meet companies even though it has a fairly small class and very homey atmosphere compared to, let’s say, programs in the US. So many leading companies come visit for recruiting and you also have opportunities to build your own network beyond that, since the university itself is very well regarded and it’s close to Zurich where interesting events and conferences take place.

One year is short and dense, but I think that’s exactly why we are able to focus so much on our studies, job searching and networking! (Oh, and of course having great parties from time to time…)